A short video on Art Therapy with some pretty cute comments by the children at the end. Note the funny face by one of the girls!

Not as professionally done as a proper STEP video, but it shows some of the fun and sacrifice - that poor girls having to cut those finely honed nails

Some great shots of one of our favourite climbing sites for groups in Kurdistan. Water, wildlife and beautiful surroundings. The shade we get here in the morning means that even in the height of the summer we can climb here. By mid-day though - it's way too hot, so it means we need to get out here early (5am), get on the rock by 7am and ideally packed up by 11am.

The climbing sessions we run for STEP have become very popular with the girls, not something we were expecting.  You can see how much they enjoyed it, though some kicked off their shoes as they preferd barefoot climbing.

This is a short fun video of one of our Alps trips. High Country Community was short lived, another thing killed off by Covid, but those of us involved enjoyed a number of exciting trips to the Alps

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