Who are we?

Across the Nations was formed in the late '90s in response to some of the needs we could see in Morocco.  It started very simply; small community-based projects that slowly grew. By 2007, we decided to take a big step and raise money to build the first special needs school in Marrakech. It was a scary commitment, but we had lots of help, the money was mostly raised locally – and the health and education departments really stood behind us. The school continues to this day, but it has long since been handed over to a local charity that continues to run it.

In response to events in the Middle East, we really wanted to find a way to be involved.  In 2017 we were put in touch with STEP Iraq and liking what we saw there – we agreed to partner with them. Since then, we have established an Art Therapy project, an Adventure project and are currently establishing a Livelihood project.

We don’t like the idea of recreating the wheel, it’s a waste of valuable resources and time.  If we can find someone on the ground that is getting on with it effectively, shares our values and is happy to partner with us – we’ll go for that.  

By drawing alongside – we try to add value and innovative solutions, a mix of really listening to what is happening and thinking outside of the box.  We love what we do and are committed to the marginalised and most needy.  

HEM.Health exists to build hope and nurture wholeness for those with the least resources and who are the most in need through partnership with local and national health, creative and community networks.

The journey began in 2014 when a small group of healthcare professional started to work with and support local clinicians in Burkina Faso and Jordan.  By 2018 a group of like-minded people had coalesced around the vision, and in 2020 HEM.Health affiliated itself with AtN to give it a structure to grow within. It’s a privilege to walk with this team as their work integrates and flourishes within AtN.

HEM.Health aims to support initiatives in healthcare, the arts, adventure and business among internally displaced people, refugees and those existing on the edges of society in the Middle East and North Africa. It exists specifically to bridge the recognised gap between aid and development by connecting health, education and mentoring expertise and experience with local and national practitioners and service providers working to meet the needs of the communities they serve.

Policies and Procedures

These are publicly available and can be viewed by clicking on the following link: https://acrossthenations.org.uk/about/policies-and-procedures/

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